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Free Shipping On All Remoska Ovens + 3 Year Warranty
Free Shipping On All Remoska Ovens + 3 Year Warranty


General Remoska Frequently asked questions:

Is there a manufacturer's guarantee on Remoska ovens?
Yes, all Remoska ovens come with a 3-year guarantee so you can purchase in confidence! 

Can I regulate the temperature in Remoska?

The secret of Remoska products is itÔÇÖs simplicity. No complicated buttons and settings. The temperature inside will be between 160 to 180 ┬░C. DonÔÇÖt worry, the result will be always perfect!

Can I put baking tins and other accessories inside Remoska?
Yes, you can use different accessories made from silicone, metal, or ceramic. However, it cannot touch the lower baking lid.

What is the temperature in Remoska?
The temperature inside is between 160 to 180 ┬░C.

Romoska Tria Frequently asked question

What is included with the Remoska® Tria?
You will receive several pieces, in the box, you will find a Remoska pot, a stand, and three lids (baking lid, soft-pressure lid, and glass lid for cooking).

Remoska® Tria will replace many of your kitchen equipment. 

You can combine the lids and you can change them during cooking, baking, or stewing.

Can I use Remoska® Tria on a stove?
Yes, you can use Remoska® Tria on every type of induction hobs.

Can I put the Remoska® Tria pot in an oven?
Yes, you can. However, thanks to the baking lid you will save 6 times less energy in comparison with an oven.

Where is the Remoska® Tria made?
The factory is found in the Czech Republic and has been there since 1957.

How to take care of your Remoska® Tria?
It is easy! Just wipe the lower part of the baking lid with a sponge and detergent. After you can wife the upper part of the baking lid with a stainless steel cleaner. Vents that are on the lid can easily clean with a wooden skewer. Never put the baking lid under the running water. Never put the baking lid in a dishwasher

You can save a place in your dishwasher and wash the pot under the running water and wipe it with a towel.

What is a soft-pressure lid?
The soft-pressure lid is used for slow cooking under soft pressure, your meal will still contain all its nutrients. You will recognize the difference in taste and smell. The most basic meal will taste luxurious.

How to clean a soft-pressure lid?
For proper cleaning, please separate the components of the lid. DonÔÇÖt put the soft-pressure lid in the dishwasher.

Can I get Remoska® Tria in a smaller version?
Unfortunately no, Remoska® Tria is available only in one size with 4.5l volume for cooking and 3l for baking.

Remoska Prima 2L & 4L Frequently asked question

What are the advantages of Remoska® Prima?
Remoska® Prima is more practical and easier to store. It has a detachable power cable and no handles. You can easily and safely move with a product thanks to its stand.

Can I use Remoska® Prima in the oven?
Unfortunately not, you canÔÇÖt put in on a cooker or in the oven.

Can I use a soft-pressure lid and a glass lid of Remoska® Tria for Remoska® Prima?
Unfortunately not, Remoska® Tria has a different upper diameter than Remoska® Prima. It means the lids will not fit. 

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