Milena and Derek were both awarded Honorary Burgesses of Preston in 2012 for their community and international work

The School of Welsh Artisan Food

My four Remoskas ( 2 large and 2 small) performed well to cook the menu for the recent demonstration and tasting lunch event @Aberglasney Gardens (see the Message Board) as I had no cooking facilities. The seasonal dishes using edible flowers and foods from the garden included Beetroot Risotto, Welsh Artisan Cheese, Sausage, Bacon and Pumpkin Pie, Sour Dough Herb Bread and Windfall Apple and Orange dessert.

The Real Breadmaking was also a success – illustrating traditional and the Remoska method for the baking.

See website for courses in 2013.

Margaret Rees,

The School of Welsh Artisan Food

Milena and Darina at Huntleys, Nr Preston

Milena and Derek at Longridge Food Fair

The ‘Remoska team’ demonstrated at the Lakeland Windermere store on 16 October 2012.


The ‘Remoska’ team demonstrated to the Preston & District

University of the Third Age on 21 June 2012

Lady Milena is to receive an Honorary Fellowship from the University of Central Lancashire.

This will take place in July 2012.

Remoska demo at West Cliff

Milena and Joan demonstrating the Remoska in a private house. Demonstrations available in your home in the North West of England. Apply via our Message Board.

New Lakeland store in Bahrain

Derek Smith visiting the newly opened Lakeland store in Bahrain where the Remoska and cookbook are selling well.

Training for the Aberdeen Lakeland staff

Hooray For Home Cooking team members, Jill, Joan and Rhona were invited to go to Aberdeen to train the Lakeland staff in the use of the Remoska while their shop is being refurbished.

Rhona and Joan cooking Staff listening to Rhona and Joan

Leeds Harbour Project

The Harbour Project is a small educational provision working with vulnerable young people aged between 11-16. We actively promote the importance of life skills as part of our curriculum and encourage our young people to actively contribute to the Harbour community. One of these elements is an awareness of healthy eating and the social skills that relate to food preparation and eating together.

Each day students assist staff in preparing a range of foods for lunch and all members of the Project will sit and eat together. Due to the shared nature of the site we are currently based from, access to a full range of kitchen accessories is limited and as a result options for lunch have been restricted. Then came the Remoska…
Being simple to use and quick to cook, the Remoska has given our lunchtimes a new lease of life. Due to the multi-cultural nature of our Project, we do not cook meat on site but students can now prepare fresh vegetables and potatoes and have a delicious and filling accompaniment to their meals. The use of fresh vegetables has allowed us to explore new avenues in our curriculum looking at diet and nutrition, science and gardening and country of origin projects. For some of our young people the lunch they share with us is the only meal they eat so we feel it is important to be able to offer a range of nutritious warm food, particularly in the colder seasons.

The Remoska has been used in our Project to cook roasted potatoes, root vegetables and stew. The young people here have tried foods they never usually would and have commented on feeling better after eating more vegetables in their diets. Learning about new foods and preparing them to be cooked is a big part of our meal times and students have experimented with spices and sauces to make their meals more interesting.

We feel that the Remoska has contributed considerably to making our lunchtimes easier and the empty serving bowls are proof of its popularity with us.

Sailing Around The Globe

A young, engaged couple who are planning an 18 month tour of the world in a sailing boat, approached us to sponsor them with a Remoska for use on their boat, in return for regular blogs about their experience with it, and a link to our website. They are setting off in October from Barcelona.

They have already cooked in the Remoska, and are delighted with it. They keep in touch with us regularly, and there are now two references to its use on their blog:-

Sailing Around The Globe – The World Tour

Camping & Caravanning Magazine Article – March 2010

Usually a sceptic when it comes to kitchen gadgets that claim great versatility and efficiency, Barry Norris, the Club’s Technical Information Officer, has been won over by the Remoska electric cooker.

Barry says: “All the power is efficiently directed from within the pot lid and it’s capable of producing anything from eggs and bacon to delicious main courses and desserts. You get excellent results in a shorter-than-expected time and a power rating of just 470W. It’s a definite “must have” for a Continental ‘van without an oven or just an economical low-power way of cooking with electricity.”

The price is £99.99 for the standard two-litre size and £119.99 for the Grand Remoska Cooker.

Visit or call 015394 88100 for more information.

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