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After recommendation from my brother, the Remoska was on my wish list for many months before I purchased the Standard in May this year, intending mostly to use it in our motorhome. I soon realised what I had been missing! Having successfully followed various recipes from your book I also confidently use it for almost anything that would otherwise have been grilled, fried or oven baked and, from the beginning, the Remoska was brought home after the first motorhome trip and is packed each time we go away! While away (on one-fee electric
hook-up) it beautifully cooks anything from par-baked bread rolls to sausages, fish cakes and full meals that would otherwise have been cooked in the gas oven so I believe that it will have virtually paid for itself in a short while. I simply love using the Remoska and look forward to many more years of economical and successful cooking. My thanks to you for making this possible!

Rosemary R



I have had a long association with the Remoska cooker as a home economist – since approx 2002. I have met with Lady Baines and she has supported me with equipment for my professional demonstrations over the years. I invariably include using and show the versatility of the Remoska on these occasions where there is no other cooking facility.

It now gives me great pleasure to introduce my new project the Welsh School of Artisan Food cooking courses and food journeys.

We launch a Lunch Club Event at Aberglasney Gardens in Carmarthenshire in October.

This is an informal event where we hope that guests will meet like minded people.

Guests will receive a welcome drink and a short cookery demonstration followed by a 2 course seasonal meal The Lunch Club will meet at Aberglasney Patio Café on Friday October 5 at 11 am.

A main course menu will be prepared by Margaret Rees of the Welsh School of Artisan Food demonstrating the versatility of the unique Remoska Cooker to make one pot meals .

The creative menu will include autumn soups, Beetroot Risotto, Herby Frittata and puddings such as Orchard Cinnamon Crunch and Lemon Balm Posset.

Lunch £25.00 per head inc. entrance into gardens. A discount of £5 for Aberglasney members and also if you bring a friend along. This is not a membership club just ring up to reserve a place ASAP. Thanking you

M Rees


I did sirloin steaks yesterday.  I seared them first in  my frying pan then set them on top of a bed of onions in my remoska.  They were really  gorgeous….. the best I have ever done.  However they weren’t ‘grilled’  if you know what I  mean – they were kind of ‘braised’.  However hubby raved about them and they  were so so  tender.  I am hooked on my remoska now, though hubby is a very simple eater, so it’s hard  to get properly experimenting!  I got to Lakeland today and bought the new soak up circles  which I think will be a good job.



I used the Remoska to make bread for a friend who has coeliac disease

 I used the recipe on the back of the flour sold as ”gluten free bread flour”, found in the ‘free from’ section in the supermarket, except I used about 1/3 of the oil specified, more salt  and added about 80 gms of mixed seeds and used  brown sugar rather than white; this flour is a mix of rice, potato and maize flours and does not knead up like a conventional loaf but is rather sticky; I sort of squashed it together and rolled it  in the flour and tried to get a ball shape;  I then put it in a greased quiche dish that just fitted into the Remoska, covered with greased plastic and left it to rise for about an hour

It was then cooked for 20 minutes, turned over and cooked for about another 20 minutes

it was not too bad though I am glad I can eat ordinary bread, but it was certainly much better than bought ‘gluten free bread’

I also made pastry using the bread flour and it was good


I have had a Remoska for many years and it has been my mainstay through our motorhome holidays, also at home instead of lighting the oven I use my Remoska often.
A few weeks ago the lid shorted out and I tried to buy a new one in France, where I live, but there is no outlet here, so I contacted the website and they sent a message to the factory, the outcome is unbelievable, I received a new lid within a week, the company and staff are so helpful, I am thrilled and can now go back to cooking without using my oven!! Thank you Remoska!!


You an successfully roast potatoes from raw, obviously it will take a little longer.
Peel & quarter potatoes, dry well with kitchen tissue/paper.
Pour a small amount of oil, i used olive oil, into Remoska pan with some pepper & salt and any other dried seasoning or herbs, put potatoes into pan and roll them around in the oil mix to coat, space them out, put lid on, turn on & cook. Check and turn once during cooking, they will be cooked when soft. You should get a nice browned potato.
They must be dry before going into Pan!


This is not really a recipe but you can reheat bought chips.
We buy chips from the ‘chippy’ then reheat in the Remoska, keep an eye on them, turn them a couple of times and allow about 15 to 20 minutes.


I really love my Remoska (or two) and use it all the time, have not used my oven in two years.

Just looking at the comments page, I just though I would like to add one comment. It advises on care putting the lid down which I have always done, but I just wanted to add that you only have to touch the lid on a nearby electrical flex, and it is burnt almost through, rendering it unsafe. I have had to have two appliances rewired because of it. It’s mainly as I don’t have much space. However I am a lot more careful now but it’s a thing new users might not appreciate.

Editor’s Note – this of course is the case of all hot appliances.


Just a note to say my Remoska is still going strong after 3 or 4 yrs…nothing unusual there you might say; the thing is though I haven’t used any other form of cooker since I got it.
It is my only cooking appliance which means it is used every day for everything from porridge, soup, toast, main meals of all types (I’m veggie, so can’t comment on cooking meat), baking scones to bannocks to loaves and anything else you can think of. I even boiled water for my tea one day when my kettle packed in.
Upshot is I probably wouldn’t know how to use an “ordinary” cooker now. I’m used to just using one switch you see.


In the process of moving house from our farm bungalow in Cornwall to a retirement bungalow in the Gloucestershire, I had spent a lot of time making my conventional oven fit for inspection by prospective buyers. As Lakeland customer of some years I knew about the Remoska but had never thought it could possibly compete with a modern oven. Not wishing to mess up my now clean conventional oven I bought a Remoska Grand a week ago as a stopgap prior to moving into a new house. I was; in terms of the vernacular, ‘gobsmacked’. Not a day has gone by when I have not used my Remoska and enjoyed with my husband, cooking we have not tasted in a long time. Moreover the cooker is so easy to clean compared to a conventional oven and runs at such a cheap rate in electrical usage that far from being a stopgap to be thrown out when we move, I have every intention of purchasing a shallow pan and spare and using my Remoska as the main cookery implement in my new home. We have just finished a roast meal of whole chicken. Mmm lovely. What a brillient invention, in these days of energy cost inflation due to green but inefficient windmills, a Remoska makes economic sense as well as good and tasty meals. Please feel free to use my recommendations for this delightful discovery.

Sue B


We are now on our second remoska Lakeland having replaced our first (bought some 5 years ago) due to glass becoming loose. When we purchased our first remoska we wondered if we had done the right thing

as it was an expensive (to us) piece of kit, all I can say is it was money well spent and would have no hesitation in buying another if the need arose. We rarely if ever put the main oven on apart from pasta practically all our meals are cooked in moski, it makes a wonderful apple sponge cake/pudding and jacket potatoes to die for!. We always take it away in our camper and having a 1000 watt inverter can use it away from the mains. Of all the gadgets in our kitchen it is by far the best so you out there who have’nt yet bought one take the plunge you won’t regret it

Richard C


I am writing to say how much I love cooking in Remoska. Remoska was given to my mom on her wedding day, as far as I remember she has always cooked in it. Over the years mom has made recipes which we all love.  Mom had to replace hers this year so the one she had until now has been well used  since her wedding in November 1978. So when I left my parents to make my own life and seek my luck in England, a Remoska was one of the things I took with me. I cook all types of meat in it  (chicken, beef or pork), soups and sweet dishes too. Thank you for the brill idea.



Using a Remoska in a Motorhome. As keen motor homers we always take our remoska cooker with us , we find it ideal for 1/2 pot cooking when we are on electric hookup pitches. Roast dinners, stews, full english breakfast are all possibe with a bit of thought. As you pay for electric per day you might as use it rather than your gas.At 800 watts it will run happily of a 10amp supply which most campsites are.  You can cook outside when when the weathers nice, less pots to wash up. In fact its a ideal piece of cooking equipment for the modern  camper

Doug and Sue A


4 to 5 years on still the best kitchen appliance I have EVER bought!
Second Remoska now and do not know how I would manage without it!!!

Sarah G


Have today just baked a parmesan and sundried tomato bread from the Wrights bread mix range in my Remoska. Absolutely FAB, superb. Can’t say enough about it! Will be trying all the Wrights range now.



I was surprised to find in the remoska cook book that the rice dishes use ready cooked rice. So I thought I’d give one of my favourite rice dishes a go in it “Pesto Chicken” . It worked a treat if anything it was better than in the oven , as the rice didn’t dry out like it does in the oven. It’s really easy. Cover the bottom of the pan with raw rice, chopped pepper , onions, and mushroom. Sprinkle in a few cashew nuts and sultanas. Into some boiling water add a jar of pesto ( red or green) , a chicken stock cube and some pepper. Brown two chicken breast in a pan with some chopped garlic. Add everything to the remoska , and turn it on. Top the liquid up half way through if needs be. That’s it nice and easy. I wouldn’t give my Remoska back if you paid me !!

Lisa Cooke


I am just writing to say how much I love my Remoska. I bought it originaly as we share a small campervan with my in-laws, and I didn’t want to be stuck making the same meals as we only have a gas hob.

But it never hasn’t got to campervan weather yet , and I’ve never had my oven on !!

At first I thought oh no this is no good. I tried making scones but I put them on the rack and they burnt. I bought a pizza and had to cut it to size (but still a bit too big) and put it on the rack and it burnt.

Then I looked at the cookbook and just stuck the scones straight in on the bottom of the pan, no greasing no nothing, and they were perfect !

I’ve made, scones, fish and chips, pork stroganoff, ginger cake, bread rolls, pasta bake, lentil curry, baked apples, baked bannans with chocolate, prawn and pepper filo parcels, cooked ready made dough balls, flapjack ( all done in the one pan brill !), berry muffins, roast chicken, yorkshire puddings…….etc ….

It’s easier than turning the oven on, you don’t have to wait for it to warm up . It wipes out really easy, which is good because I hate cleaning it’s a waste of time !

I would say a great addition to it is individual silicon cake cases. I’m surprise lakeland don’t stock them ? I made my muffins and yorkshire puddings in them.

Great invention ! I love it

Lisa Cooke


Oil the Remoska pan – paint oil sparingly on underside of large field or portobello mushrooms – stuff with mixture of fresh breadcrumbs, finely chopped mixed nuts, fresh or dried herbs, moisten with oil, butter, or small amount stock -season – fill mushrooms and bake for approximately 30 minutes.


I am absolutely delighted with my Remoska. I use it a great deal! It is so handy for cooking when it is just my husband and I and makes a tremendous second oven when I am entertaining! Everything I cook in the Remoska is brilliant – particularly bacon and sausages! Helen


My husband and I bought ourselves a Remoska [standard size] as a joint Christmas present to one another !!
Having friends, who have highly praised the cooker’s versatility, we thought; why not!! Needless to say we are absolutely delighted with its performance and the tastiness of the meals produced. My husband is Registered Partially Sighted so it is ideal for him as he can put the food into a cold container and getting food out is also easy; as there is far less danger of him burning himself on hot trays, oven door etc., Thank you to the Czech people for sharing their amazing oven with us. It will be interesting to see what next month’s electricity bill is!! Every good wish for 2011 to you all. Blessings. Dorothy


I’ve made toasted sandwiches for the last two days for the chap who is trimming trees for me. Day one cheese and ham, not quite golden enough on the outside, day two cheese and tomato, more butter on the outside and left in for 10 minutes. Golden and moist.

Did not use the rack and it was golden on both sides.
We all seem to get different results with the same dishes.

I cook rice in the remoska at least 3 times a week and I always use 1 of rice and 2 of water. Works perfectly every time!

I just wanted to say that I’ve just made mr be’s cauli chesse, bloke style, in my moski, and it was the easiest way ever to make a cheese sauce from a roux.

The heating was so gentle. I just put a drop of oil in the pan, added some onions, and chorizo, left that to cook for a wee while then added my flour, lid back on and gave it a few minutes more to cook the flour, then added the milk a wee bit to start with, gave that a wee stir in, then added the rest all at once. Gave it a good stir then allowed that to cook and thicken up, before adding the cheese, and seonsoning. Then I added the cooked cauli, sweetcorn and cooked pasta, topped it with cheese and breadcrumbs, and left it all to bubble and go beautifully brown and crispy ….mmmm and there’s still plenty left over for the freezer.

It was absolutely the easiest smoothest cheese sauce that I have ever made. I can make a cheese sauce, but I do find it a struggle, not to overcook the flour, then I struggle, trying to add the milk while stirring at the same time, this way, at least I could have a wee seat between each stage without the sauce burning.


I ADORE ! my Remoska and have bought many for disbelieving friends.
I could sing its praises from the rooftops. It makes food taste even better than a AGA does and the thing is , you can SMELL when its ready, unlike the AGA where things can get forgotten. Look at the PRICE DIFFERENCE !!!


Absolutely Amazing by Martin
I’m one of those guys who can’t be bothered by pots and pans etc. Since buying a Standard Remoska earlier this year I’ve gone from a cook that won’t cook, to a guy who won’t let you in the kitchen.
I use the Remoska nearly every day and I am absolutely amazed at what you can cook in it. Food cooks so well and tastes how it should taste but better.
As for receipes, well you can do what you like. I have roasted Lamb, Beef. Pork and whole Chickens with amazing results. Omelettes are great and easy to create. Curries, chillis etc are amazing.
In fact with a Remoska there doesn’t seem to be any limit with what you can cook in this amazing cooker. For me the best part of using a Remoska is the fact that you don’t have lots of pots and pans on the go at the same time and the washing up is done in no time at all.
So everyone who can’t cook, won’t cook – buy a Remoska. Does exactly what it says on the tin, lol.
Finally for families or for those with people living on their own, there’s no excuse for not eating with one of these. Get your ingredients, put them in the Remoska, put the lid on and hey presto your dinner is on its way.


Dear Sirs,
I am a 74 year old man and have never done any cooking until I purchased a Standard Remoska from Lakeland 3 weeks ago.
Now through necessity and survival I am glad that I have discovered the Remoska. My priorities are:
1. Using the least utensils as possible ( less washing up ! )
2. To cook fresh meat,poultry, fish ( Mackerel, Haddock, Skate Wings, Pollack, Salmon, Whiting ). And fresh vegetables. All items commonly available. To do this in one operation if possible.
3. The simplest recipes with no odd ingredients, also I need to keep my bad cholesterol level down.
I particularly like one contributor’s ( Liz C ) Vegetable Pie when she says ” …..anything you have in” even though it involves using a frying pan for part of it ! It tastes good.
An important point about the Remoska is that is does not have to sit in the kitchen. If I am working in the garage it can be plugged in there, and I can keep an eye on it easily, and eat from it there if necessary!
I made a Rhubarb Crumble ( Remoska Book ) and it sat on the dining room table with an extension lead and was served straight from the Remoska. (less dishes, also keeps warm until ready to eat ).
Yours sincerely,
Adrien Wi


I would just like to say I’ve had a Remoska for just over a year now and we still love it. It is certainly one great invention.
We bought the grand one, for 2 adults 2 young children, I also have the rack so I can cook on two levels and the shallow pan which I use if cooking for less/ or pizza.
The main benefits I see apart from you don’t need to use your main oven again ( which has now become a store cupboard), is the electricity saving, I’ve reduced my electricity consumption by a 1/3rd now I’m not using my big oven, to warm up things just cook the kids tea etc. Things take slightly longer to cook so for me who normally forgets to check items in the oven are now just right in the remoska, and we can take it camping.


Hooray For Home CookingYesterday I bought a standard Remoska & used it for our evening meal basically using the Chicken and Roast Vegetables recipe in the cookbook but changed the timing slightly to cook salmon fillets instead of chicken. We were thrilled with the quality of the result! Usually we steam our fish, but today I have relegated the steamer to our (rather full) defunct gadget cupboard! I imagine it would be correct to say that pretty well every oven-cooked recipe in my One Pot Cookbook should work in the Remoska. Timing, of course, be adjusted and recorded for future use. Do you think that dishes, where the directions recommend cooking on the hob, might also work?
Thank you for your excellent informative & friendly website!
Ruth P


All the Staff,
I just want to let you know how delighted I am with my Remoska. I rarely put on the oven now – I now use the oven as a storage cupboard for all the tins etc. that won’t fit in the Remoska!! I also use the rack/trivet to hold the upturned lid of my Remoska, if I’m checking food, or adding ingredients. I find it keeps it steady and safe whilst it is still “on”. Again, my thanks to all of you for producing such a great product.
Valerie A


My daughter bought me a Remoska for Christmas. I am absolutely over the moon with it. My husband and I had been looking at them for a long time. My combination microwave has just ‘died’ on me, but I will certainly not be replacing it! We are reluctant to use our main oven as we are on L.P.G. (we live in a Park home) which is extremely expensive. I have used my new Remoska every day since Christmas and have been pleased with everything. Why did we not get one years ago?
I am amazed that something so simple can be so efficient! Long may it reign!!
Joyce W Windsor


Hi there,
I purchased a Remoska on Friday after reading the reviews, peoples opinions on this website and more.When my Hubby said it had arrived I dived to Sainsburys for a chicken and did the Chicken with roast potatoes and quartered onions. 50 minutes, gorgeous. I also put in some part baked rolls – usually too crunchy in an oven – and they were perfect.
Michaela E


Zoe Dixon … absolutely LOVES her new REMOSKA!!! thank you Jo!!!!!!!!
“made a veggie lasagna last night, a cake tonight and about to cook a spanish tortilla- its bloody fantastic 🙂 i am a very happy lady with my new oven!”


Dear Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines
Thank you so very much for your great kindness and superb effort not only to find a spare Remoska but to send it to me complimentary.
I certainly did not expect such generosity and efficiency.
I was distraught when I damaged my first Remoska as I found it was absolutely indispensible to me.
It is so easy to use and totally fulfills my everyday cooking requirements. I felt quite lost without it.
Living on ones own it completely satisfies ones culinary needs.
It is the most amazing little cooker.
With much gratitude
Mrs Nancy F Bath


PORK Chops – for TWO


2 Large Pork Chops, (we used 1 ½” thick cut from local butcher)

3 shallots, chopped small

1tsp sugar

1tsp olive oil

1tsp dried Rosemary herbs.

2 Apples cut into quarters

A Handful, of prunes (Ready to eat)

Gravy Granules, (chicken works well.)


Place chops in Smaller of the Remoska dishes. Sprinkle on the Rosemary herbs

Turn heat on and cook until starting to brown.

Turn chops over in Remoska replace top and continue cooking until browning takes place.

Reheat gravy, remove Remoska Top, add gravy, and the apple quarters and a handful of prunes (ready to eat)

Replace top and continue cooking for ten minutes, or until gravy starts to thicken slightly.

For the gravy:-

Fry onions in a small pan with the olive oil, add sugar to help browning.

Cook until soft, then take pan off heat.

Add gravy mix of your choice, top up with hot water.

Top up with hot water if required to level of top of chops.

Remove chops to warmed plates, serve with Jacket potatoes, sliced carrots, and broad beans, for a scrummy meal!!




Dave Horner

26th November 2014


All tests in Motorboat Owner are carried

out by real boaters in real life situations – Taken from the February  2015 Edition

In the November issue we gave you details of a cooking device that readers had enthusiastically told us about at the Southampton Boat Show. The Remoska is a mini oven with the heating element in the lid, which will bake, roast, poach or grill. Why are we bringing you details of a cooking pot? The reason is simple, many boats don’t have a proper oven on board to enable you to produce ‘home from home’ cooking. The Remoska solves this with one portable gadget that uses just 400w and produces delicious food in roughly the same time as a conventional oven. All you need on your boat is either shore power or a suitable inverter.

The Remoska comes in two sizes, the Standard, which cooks for 2–4, and the580 Watt Grand, for 6–8 people. We tested the Grand in conjunction with the excellent Remoska recipe book (£9.99).We started simple with jacket potatoes, which turned out superb; golden and crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. Moving on to some easy to prepare ‘boat grub’, we cooked pizza, meat pies, chips and part baked bread, all of which turned out perfect. We found that items took a few minutes longer to cook than usual, but this could be attributed to us keep lifting the lid to see how things were going. Obviously, the more you lift the lid the slower the cooking time. Progressing onto a couple more adventurous items, we tried some cheese scones and a full blown roast dinner. Although the scones were a little too golden on the top, they were a lovely texture and delicious. The chicken dinner was perfect and all cooked in one pot in a little over an hour.


The Grand Remoska is probably too large for the average galley, but the standard size would be perfect. You do have to make sure you have plenty of space to rest the lid down, and as the lid gets very hot it needs to be handled with care. The Remoska comes with its own sturdy stand to protect your worktop, but we would suggest also using a non-slip mat, to stop it sliding around should the boat rock.

The Remoska can also cook ready meals in their own oven-proof and foil containers, cakes in loose-bottom baking tins and food wrapped in plastic cooking bags or foil.  Being Teflon coated the pan is extremely easy to clean and the pan lid only needs a quick wipe over.  The Remoska is extremely versatile.  It doesn’t come cheap, but if you have no alternative means of providing home cooked meals on board, it would make a very practical addition.

Contact Lakeland Ltd




The following is a recipe from Eiry Cross a devoted Remoska user, he urges all Remoska users to give it a try, we did and it is good

Bacon & Mushroom Risotto

This is the bacon and mushroom risotto recipe:

Serves 3-4
I tablespoon of oil
I large onion chopped
4 rashers of bacon cut into small pieces
175g/6ozs.mushrooms roughly chopped
1 clove of garlic, crushed
100g/4ozs.risotto rice
1 heaped tablespoon tomato puree
275ml./10fl.ozs vegetable stock
Salt and pepper-optional-the bacon may be salty enough
Grated Parmesan cheese

Heat the oil in the Remoska pan and fry the onion and bacon until the bacon is crisp. Add the mushrooms and fry for another 5 minutes. Add the garlic and the rice, stir well, add the tomato puree, the hot vegetable stock, stir again, replace the lid and cook for approx. 30 minutes. By then the rice should have cooked and absorbed all the liquid. Just add a generous seasoning of salt and pepper and pass the cheese for individual helpings.

I do not add salt at all as I find the bacon is often salty enough.

We had risotto this evening and it goes down well with everyone. I doubled the amount of ingredients and it serves 4 adults.

Kind regards,

Another satisfield customer

Hello Kath,

Just to let you know that we have really enjoyed both the first roast chicken and vegetables from the remoska cookbook and yesterday a wonderfully baked cake in our new Remoska. We are big fans and telling everybody who visits all about it its benefits….

Thanks again for all your help in the purchase process.

best wishes

Tad 11/05/2015



Amanda Payne


My Green Thai for 2 people

Juice and zest of one Lime.

Fresh Coriander chopped finely.


Rapeseed Oil.

Basmati Rice.

Chicken Breasts/thighs/1/4’s.

Chicken breasts can be used whole or cut into bite sized pieces, if used whole score with a sharp knife.

Mix half the Lime juice, half the Lime zest and half the chopped Coriander with 2 TBs of Yoghurt, work this into the cuts on the Chicken breasts or mix the pieces in well and leave to marinate for couple of hours in the fridge.

Put this Chicken mix into a container & into the Remoska, or straight into the Remoska pan and cook for 30-45 mins. Check that the Chicken is cooked through.

Cook Rice as normal, Microwave/Hob or whatever method you use, drain cooking liquid off. Mix remaining Lime juice, zest & Coriander together with a small amount of oil and mix well into cooked rice.

Serve with a warmed Naan.

June 2015


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