Cooking Instructions & Times

Using a Remoska – the basics

The Remoska cooks between 190 and 220 degrees.
Something like between 190C/345F Gas mark 5 and 220C/425F Gas Mark 6*.

The Remoska is not a slow cooker.

On the contrary, some food will cook faster than in a normal oven.
Simply place your ingredients in the pan, according to the recipe, i.e drizzle of oil and await to obtain great results. It couldn’t be easier.

It is possible to prepare a whole meal for the family in the Remoska.

The Remoska works just like an oven. You can make toasted sandwiches, or
cook ready meals in foil containers.

You may place your food directly in the pan or in ovenproof dishes to fit in the Remoska.

You can cook pre-prepared food from frozen.

You can defrost food in the Remoska.

Food, including cakes are cooked from cold.

You can use a Remoska to re-heat food.

The Remoska may be used as a ‘Bain Marie’.

Wrap portions of food in very lightly greased foil, ideal if you are on a fat free diet – fish particularly remains moist and full of flavour.

You can bake in a Remoska

Puff pastry rises like a dream and sponge cakes stay moist.

The Remoska probably cooks the best roast chicken you have ever tasted.

The Remoska is extremely economical to use, easy to clean – the Teflon® pan is non-stick so will rinse out – not even worth putting in the dishwasher though it’s quite safe to do so.

Be aware
As with any hot electrical appliance – be safe.

If you need to remove the lid to stir, place it away from you upside down, remember, it is the lid that does the cooking – it will be hot

When in use, the Remoska will be hot, avoid contact and keep away from plastic or flammable materials.

Do not heat the empty Remoska as with all Teflon® lined cooking pans, excess heating of an empty pan will eventually damage the Teflon® lining.

Never immerse the lid in water.

Keep away from children.

To clean the lid, switch off, unplug from the mains and when cool wipe the lid and the glass with a damp cloth. Use ordinary washing up liquid on a cloth if necessary.

You can use Lakeland’s stainless steel cleaner on the outside of the lid to maintain that pristine ‘new look’…

The Standard Remoska in the UK uses 470w, The Grand Remoska 650w on 240v at 50Hz (although this is being harmonised with Europe and is more likely to be 230v).

You can use the Remoska on caravan sites, campsites, and in Europe IF the electricity supply is suitable. (There are loads of Remoska forums on the subject).

It is without doubt considerably cheaper to run than a traditional oven.

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