Save money, time and effort with a Remoska® electric oven

It’s the lid that does the cooking’.

The Remoska was originally designed and produced in the Czech Republic sometime around the 1940/1950’s, so long ago, nobody can remember exactly! You will be pleased to know it has gone through some modifications since then, but surprisingly, not that many! How many other products do you know that have stood the test of time that long… vacuum cleaner… answers on a postcard please!

There is no doubt that here in the UK, as elsewhere, today’s modern ovens and microwaves, ready to cook meals, takeaways and frozen food has changed our attitude to cooking. It is difficult to believe that after all the available computerised gadgetry this simple electric mini-oven, the Remoska, has made a comeback, but simplicity is exactly the reason for its appeal.

In the Czech Republic, released from Communist rule, people with country cottages, caravans and small town flats were slowly remembering the mini-oven in which mother and grandmother cooked very tasty dishes and had extolled its economic use of electricity. Gradually the Remoska came out of the closet and once more was in demand.

Milena writes – “On a trip to Prague, I was visiting my cousin Helen, and before leaving, I bought her, as a parting present, a new Remoska to replace the one Helen’s mother had been using for the past 40 years. Back in England, re-reading the promotional literature I was prompted to phone the factory and asked why had this pan never been exported abroad. Speaking to a complete stranger, before any names were given, the reply came, “pani, vy jste andel z nebe”, we were speaking in Czech. Mr Ivo Svoboda, the Marketing Manager, for that is who it was, said – “lady, are you an angel from heaven”. From that delightful encounter has grown a firm friendship.

When I showed the Remoska to the Customer Director of Lakeland, the reply was “Let me take one home, I’ll have a play with it”.

As they say – ‘the rest is history’ – the Remoska has become one of Lakeland’s best sellers and now we have produced a new full colour recipe book to help you get the best from using it.

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